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Jessie Chamberlin

How have you leveraged MMM in your career so far?

Human-centered design lends itself very well to sales. You're constantly building empathy for your customers, uncovering pain points, and identifying product features and tools that would improve their experience. When you do that well, 'selling' isn't really necessary because you've actually become a strategic partner in your customer's ecosystem. The next step is working cross-functionally with marketing, product, and operations to help guide product development while helping the entire organization innately understand how to delight your customers. On top of that, I somehow ended up in manufacturing...going all the way back to MMM's roots!

What advice do you have for a student starting the MMM Program?

Experiment as much as possible while at Kellogg and make a point of building something with your fellow MMMs outside of the curriculum you already share together. The moment you realize you're the only person with a stack of post-its at your new job, you'll be quickly reminded of how incredible it is to be surrounded by enthusiastic collaborators.

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