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Harish ChamarthyJob before MMM: Data Product Manager, Facebook

Why did you choose MMM?

In my prior career, I focused on analytics within the technology industry. I enjoyed being able to take data and transform it into stories to help solve problems. However, I realized that being able to tackle challenges from different angles would help me become a better, well-rounded business leader. That's where the MMM program came in. The Kellogg MBA offers multiple opportunities to learn different disciplines—namely marketing, finance, and operations—through classes and real-world experiential learning opportunities. The MSDI opened up a whole new world for me—learning how create products by incorporating human/customer-centered approaches. Not only have I learned a new way to arriving at solutions, but I have also gained the technical skills to bring them to life. In particular, I have learned how to wireframe, use design tools, and how to code in Ruby. As I think about my future career in consulting—where design thinking has been growing quickly—and my transition back into the technology space, I know what I learned in MMM will be invaluable.

What is life like as a MMM student?

One of my favorite aspects of the MMM program was being able to take classes over the summer. It's such a quiet time on campus which provided many opportunities to get to know the other MMMs before the other students arrived. Highlights of the summer included our 4th of July barbeque, hosting an Indian food night, and exploring the Chicago bar scene—all with the faMMM. Even during the busier parts of the year, we managed to have organized and impromptu gatherings. The most important aspect was that I had a community which supported me whether it was through recruiting, academics, or socially. Across both my experiences in Kellogg and MMM, I've dedicated considerable time to experiential learning. Participating in case competitions was a great way for me to develop relationships with my Kellogg classmates while also helping solve real-world problems. In the fall, my team for RDB consulted for Lowe's and it allowed me to put my newly learned design thinking skills to use while being able to get feedback from our clients. One of the highlights of my time at Kellogg has been participating in Global Lab where I consulted for a German company interested in entering the Indian market. Being able to travel to both countries, learning about an unfamiliar industry, and talking to prospective customers taught me things that I wouldn't have been able to learn otherwise.

How did MMM help you during your summer internship?

This summer, I interned in management consulting at Bain & Company. My client was a provider of healthcare services and was looking to create a national partnership of medical practices. I helped them design an organizational structure as well as a communications strategy for all of the future acquisitions they were planning to make. As part of my internship, I had to interview experts in the healthcare industry and synthesize all of the information I gathered from them—skills that I learned during my first year in the MMM program. For the communications strategy workstream, I had to take a human-centric approach which involved listening to employee feedback, yet another thing that I had gained experience with during the MMM program.


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