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Partner with MMM

Collaborate with whole-brain innovators.

Partnership Opportunities

Our students are leaders, thinkers and doers at the intersection of business, design innovation, and technology. There are several ways to harness the value of MMM students and community that will benefit your business:

Let us work on a project for you

Hire our students as interns or employees

Invite us to visit your company

Let us work on a project for you

Partnering on a Business Innovation Lab Project

By partnering with us on a Business Innovation Lab, you can address problems regarding your current business and technology issues, while providing a valuable experience for our students who will work with you under the supervision of a faculty member.

Get Started

Hire our students

Let us help you find team members that transcend boundaries. Our students and graduates will help you find and frame problems, identify opportunities, and innovate across services, products, and experiences alike.

What our students have to offer

student working at a white board

What's in their tool belt

In the MMM program, our students are broadly trained to understand the world of products and services, including:

  • conception and design
  • efficient operations
  • supply chain management
  • outsourcing issues
  • continuing support and revision of products and services
  • business functions
students in a meeting

What they can bring to your team

Our students apply this knowledge to a wide variety of business functions, making them excellent managers and workers across the company, able to integrate systems in areas such as:

  • design
  • product development
  • operations
  • finance
  • strategy
  • marketing

How to recruit our students

student talking with a mentor

Full-time and Summer Positions

Companies can recruit second-year MMM students for full-time positions and first year MMM students for summer positions by working with the Kellogg School of Management's Career Management Center.

Please contact Peter Eck with specific questions.

Host a Corporate Visit

Show us around your business.

Our students have the opportunity to visit various design facilities as part of their Design Thinking core curriculum. These visits, both domestic and overseas, provide an important compliment to the classroom experience. Companies such as Toyota, Herman Miller, Harley-Davidson Inc., and others have provided plant visits in the past.

Invite us over
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