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The first dual-degree program for innovation

A Whole-Brain Perspective

The MS in Design Innovation prepares students to innovate in a variety of spaces by using design-centric tools to find and frame problems, and to ideate and iterate solutions. This creative and customer-driven process is a strategic complement to the analytical approach traditionally taught in business management.

The interdisciplinary nature of MMM uniquely positions its graduates for key roles across industries, where they can drive impact through innovation of services, products, and experiences.

MBA + MSDI = Hybrid Innovators

Uniting Kellogg MBA with MS in Design Innovation

The MMM Program adapts to the rapidly evolving business landscape by integrating an MS in Design Innovation with the Kellogg MBA. This unique program focuses on design thinking, innovation, analytics, and product management skills, aligning with the changing skill requirements driven by emerging technologies.


Get ready to drive impact

The MMM Program maintains an enhanced design innovation and business curriculum and prepares graduates to tackle the complex challenges of the 21st century. You'll learn best-in-class methodologies for driving innovation, using design thinking tools such as user-centered research methods, creative ideation, rapid prototyping, and operational implementation. You'll master how to identify, research, and solve problems throughout the entire business ecosystem. Upon graduation, you'll be ready to drive impact by working with designers, engineers, and senior strategists to design and manage end-to-end solutions.

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Careers and Internships

Build a career using what you've learned

Our graduates are in high demand because of their unique skill sets and real-world experiences. Learn about the career resources and internship opportunities offered to MMM students.

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Student Perspectives

The MMM program seeks applicants who hold a bachelor’s degree or equivalent from an accredited institution and who can demonstrate technical aptitude and the capacity for analytical and creative thinking. Learn more about the diversity of student perspectives and interests within the MMM program:


Our students are part of a vibrant, dynamic community that enjoys all aspects of academic, professional, and student life across both the Kellogg School of Management and the Segal Design Institute at McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science.

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MMM students come from a variety of backgrounds and industries including consulting, product management, mechanical engineering, advertising, operations, and interior design. This diversity across the program provides a rich learning environment and enables students to understand and leverage a variety of viewpoints and perspectives when solving business challenges.
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Starting when MMM students arrive for the program in the summer before the rest of their Kellogg peers, they build a highly collaborative environment together. At the MMM studio and lounge, in classrooms, and beyond campus, our students foster strong bonds with one another. MMM students often cite this coMMMunity within the larger Kellogg School as a highlight of their experience.

Student Life in the MMM Program

Since the MMM Program is limited to 60 exceptional students and provides an extensive amount of immersive, hands-on learning opportunities, our students build a close-knit community and create connections that last long after graduation.


Innovate at the crossroads of business and design

MMM leverages the expertise of faculty from both the McCormick School of Engineering and the Kellogg School of Management. Our faculty members maintain a dynamic relationship with the innovation industry through research, consulting, and advisory board service with companies from many sectors, including technology, design, entrepreneurship, consumer products and services, finance, marketing, and manufacturing.

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