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Although they come from highly diverse backgrounds, MMM students form a tightly-knit community united by a shared mindset that respects and understands the need to integrate human-centered design, rigorous analytics, and strategic business thinking in their solutions.    

MMM students demonstrate curiosity and adaptability, as they learn to recognize that bold outcomes in business begin with human-centered design. They come to know that breakthrough innovations require a deep understanding of consumers’ core needs. They gain knowledge and experience in applying design thinking methodologies to translate behavioral observations into game-changing insights. They integrate their business acumen to translate these insights into financially sustainable business outcomes. Additionally, they come to understand and value cross-functional teams that represent a range of perspectives and skill sets needed to produce superior solutions to the world’s toughest business challenges.

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Admissions Requirements

Applications for the MMM Program are handled through Kellogg’s Office of Admissions. Visit their site to learn more about the application process and requirements.

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Applicants are required to submit only one application and should follow the instructions for applying to the MMM Program as outlined in the Kellogg School’s application materials. Separate applications to the McCormick School of Engineering are not required.

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