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Capping Off the Capstone Experience

MPD2 students presented their final projects to classmates, faculty, and venture capitalists.

It's hard to create a desirable product. It's even more challenging developing a product that is not only desirable but feasible and viable, yet that was the task students faced with their capstone project to culminate their time in Northwestern Engineering's Master of Product Design and Development Management (MPD2) program. 

MPD2 director Jim Wicks, who co-teaches the capstone project, said he always enjoys watching students grow and evolve their product ideas throughout the three-quarter-long capstone experience. This year in particular, he was impressed with how students honed in on the feasibility and viability elements of their projects. 

"What I really loved to see was the rigor that went into the work the students did in the last six weeks," Wicks said. "They ran their products through different business-model approaches, different pricing options, and different go-to-market strategies that in turn affected some of their solutions and what they designed." 

Seven teams of students presented their products to their classmates, MPD2 faculty, and venture capitalists. 



There is a mismatch between bikes and cars on the road, putting many bikers in unsafe and stressful situations. Roadie is a set of smart handlebar grips that allow cyclists to ride smarter, not harder. Roadie’s distraction-free user interface provides communication capabilities right at the rider’s fingertips. 



KidSync brings peace of mind to parents of children with special healthcare needs. The platform bridges the communication gap between parents, providers, and caretakers to ensure seamless coordination and support while caring for a child's healthcare needs. With KidSync, families can protect their loved ones and ensure essential medical needs are met, even when they're physically apart. 



DogSpace is a modern dog crate designed to prioritize a dog's needs. With its sleek design, soundproof construction, and den-like ambience, DogSpace offers a stylish and comfortable sanctuary that taps into a dog's natural denning instinct, effectively reducing separation anxiety in the process. 


My Orb•it 

My Orb•it is a mobile app for frequent travelers to collect and manage items of interest for future enjoyment. Leveraging time and proximity, My Orb•it allows travelers to avoid the frustration of rediscovery, enabling them to take advantage of serendipitous opportunities with less effort at the right time. 


Platter Pal 

For urban restaurants looking to differentiate their takeout meals, Platter Pal provides a reusable container system that gives restaurants control over the food temperature after it leaves the restaurant. Tailored for large group orders, Platter Pal elevates the consumer’s takeout experience, increases customer satisfaction, and helps reduce restaurants’ expenses. 



Trove helps users simplify, organize, and coordinate their closet to build styles that elevate their confidence and make them feel comfortable without making a mess. Whether it's for a big event or a business trip, Trove guides users to choose the perfect outfit from their own closet. Trove identifies users' favorite and least worn items to help them choose what to donate and reduce clutter. 



For people who share their working space, Trace is an automated storage solution designed for hot-desking to take the trouble out of making every new desk feel like your own. Trace provides personalized storage in a sleek modular device, which not only keeps valuables tucked away, but signals a desk is in use, so users don’t have to worry about losing their spot when they intermittently step away. 

Beyond the energy Wicks saw out of the students, he was impressed by the content and context of their presentations.  

"I just love the diversity of subject matter that we're exposed to in capstone," Wicks said. "I was really impressed with what the students were able to do over the past six months." 

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