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Redefining Product Design & Development

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Why mpd²?

We want to help you become a senior leader in creating advanced and ground-breaking new products with the Master of Product Design and Development Management at Northwestern (mpd²). Join other high-achieving professionals for a collaborative and rigorous academic program that will prepare you to successfully manage creativity, execute design, and lead product development. 

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Learn alongside fellow industry professionals

Learn alongside fellow industry professionals

The mpd² program includes students who are mid- and senior-level professionals with at least two years of experience in product design and development. As a student, you’ll engage in a collaborative and hands-on curriculum that enhances your knowledge and managerial skills through practical application.

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Enhance your Skills as a Manager in Product Design and Development

Enhance your management skills

Our graduates are invaluable to employers. Not only will you master critical skills in design, product development, end-user research, and innovation, you’ll also become a better business leader, gaining skills in marketing, finance, creativity, and project management.

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A Curriculum Designed to Fit Your Schedule

Study on your schedule

We offer full- and part-time master's degree options, in a addition to a three-day certificate program. As a full-time student, you can earn the mpd² degree in just nine months by attending Friday and Saturday classes on Northwestern’s Evanston campus. Part-time students commit to just one day of class each week and complete their studies in as little as two years.

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The mpd² Community

Our faculty, alumni, and current students come from some of the most innovative companies in the world. Learn more about the mpd² community and how we master big picture business and leadership skills through our hands-on, team-based learning approach.

Meet our people

Anna Mollenkopf (mpd² ‘17)

Senior Product Operations Lead, Shopify

The mpd² program granted me a shift in mindset. I learned new ways to understand the world and the complicated, interconnected nature of how humans interact with each other and their environments.

Kelli Palm (mpd² ‘19)

Associate Director of Product Development, Zimmer Biomet

The mpd² courses and cohort teamwork taught me how to manage and work with multiple types of people and levels within an organization.

Joshua Childes (mpd² ‘20)

Director of Product Management, Validity Inc.

I can see clearly how the program, combined with my prior experience, made me ready to both see and seize that opportunity in a way I wouldn't have before

Justin Zupnick (mpd² ‘18)

UX Manager, Accolade

I was a bit of the stereotypical millennial job-hopper, jumping from startup to startup, stuck in this elevator that would only go up or down. I needed a Wonkavator, something that could allow me to go sideways, slantways, longways, backways, squareways, roundways and any other ways you can think of. I felt MPD2 offered that.

Master's Degree


The Master of Product Design and Development Management program (mpd2) offers the same basic core as an MBA from a product design and development management perspective, covering topics like: creativity, innovation, design, end-user research, and marketing, as well as business and finance.

Students can complete the program on a part-time or  full-time basis.

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Learn by experience

Our goal is a truly human-centered design — attuned to human abilities, desires, and needs as well as the practical realities of technology and organizations — that leads to innovation and profitable products.

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An infant-formula-feeding solution appliance.

There is currently no complete electronic systems solution for infant-feeding.

The PrimaVita™ is a compact and user-friendly infant formula feeding solution appliance that is able to be positioned with other small appliances in the kitchen, or use via a cordless option that runs on rechargeable batteries.

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build, The Reading Skill Kit

build, The Reading Skill Kit

An engaging, sensory ecosystem for learning how to read.

Students of all ages often encounter difficulties when learning how to read.

The BUILD team studied learners in action to develop this new learning ecosystem consisting of sets of modular magnetic wood blocks that progressively build on reading skills.

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Nightingale Flight™

A discreet, easy-to-program wristband that provides a vibrating reminder to the wearer.

Most people have forgotten to take their medication at some point.

The Nightingale Flight™ is a one-button, easy-to-program wristband that provides a discreet, vibrating reminder to the wearer.

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Housed within the

Segal Design Institute

Our mission is to educate the next generation of synthetic thinkers and leaders — people who are able to move across domains and industries, identify convergences, and create impact through the lens of human-centered design. These thinkers are not generalists, but specialists of a different sort. They take a unified approach to solving problems, drawing on skills from engineering, social sciences, design, and management theory.
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