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Segal Design Certificate Projects

Featured student projects

Segal Design Certificate Featured Projects

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Final prototype for Foodiverse


A lunch catering service targeting Silicon Valley startups.

How can we use face-to-face interaction to build trust between U.S. citizens and refugees in the United States?

Students cooked up Foodiverse, a lunch catering service. The Foodiverse lunch boxes would feature a story about a refugee chef or local refugee family.

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Well Plate Assembly

Well Plate Assembly

Northwestern undergraduates partnered with NorthShore University Health System to make a positive impact in a medical research environment.

Using a well plate allows a lab at NorthShore University Health System to test thousands of compounds rapidly.

However, the process had a flaw, causing variable waviness in the plate. Northwestern Engineering students worked together to find a solution.

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A robust Facebook feature that would create a convenient line of communication between an elected representative and her constituents.

How might we help people on Facebook in the U.S. become involved in the political process?

A team of Northwestern students envisioned SamPoll, a robust Facebook feature that would create a convenient line of communication between an elected representative and her constituents.

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A team of students observed their peers studying before designing Honeycomb, modular and multi-functional furniture.

Honeycomb is modular and multi-functional furniture to optimize study spaces on campus.

Honeycomb consists of two distinct and complementary furniture designs: the Study Pod and the Table.

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Illuminating Test Strips for HIV Diagnostics

Rapid HIV testing for infants in Africa.

An HIV testing solution that rapidly test infants and those who live in inaccessible testing areas.

Three undergraduate students are working with a center housed within the McCormick School of Engineering to improve rapid HIV testing for infants in Africa.

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Rest chair


A multi-functional public seating piece that allows one or multiple users to work or relax.

Tired of sitting on the ground outside or leaning on walls around campus?

This human-centered, multi-functional public seating piece improves comfort in public spaces.

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An expandable electric car that promotes car sharing.

Challenging traditional transportation systems and inefficiency.

An expandable electric car that promotes car sharing by reconfiguring the vehicle into different multipurpose rooms at the push of a button.

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Tiny House Project

A 128-square-foot, zero-net-energy mobile house that minimizes impact on the environment and reduces society's excessive resource consumption.

Living is easy at the Northwestern Tiny House.

This 128-square-foot home exemplifies the treatment of space as a resource and utilizes green engineering principles to reduce impact on the environment—all while offering the comforts of home.

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Baseball Sensors

Using audio data from sideline and in-base contact microphones to make better close-play calls

Twenty percent of close-play calls are later deemed incorrect by video replay.

With ever-intensifying demands for umpires to get the calls right on the field, a group of four undergraduates developed a solution to improve the accuracy of calls at first base.

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Skallagrim's Forge

A visitor experience for an exhibit that celebrates the cultural importance of Skallagrim's anvil stone.

Preserving the history of the anvil stone.

A visitor experience dedicated to Skallagrim's anvil stone.

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