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MaDE Curriculum

Required courses in mathematics, engineering analysis and computer proficiency, and basic sciences establish a strong foundation for any career within the industry. Students develop study plans that are suited to their career focus, including courses that address process and product design, manufacturing systems, and manufacturing management.

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Areas of Concentration

The MaDE program has two degree concentration areas. Please click the following links to learn more:

Degree Requirements

Students complete 12 courses per year, typically taking four courses per quarter. To obtain the bachelor of science degree, a total of 48 courses is required and all students must have 16 engineering credits.

Core Courses (26 Courses)

Basic Engineering (5 Courses)

Manufacturing & Design Core (10 Courses)

Design Project (2 Courses)

Technical Electives

Social Sciences-Humanities (7 courses)

Unrestricted Electives (5 courses)

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