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John HartmanClinical Assistant Professor


John Hartman is an industrial designer and Clinical Assistant Professor. He has taught DSGN 420 Design Communication and Methods, as well as Advanced Solidworks and Industrial Design Projects. 

Open-ended problems requiring students to explore possible solutions and take action allow students to become immediately engaged and invested in the design process. This approach has become a cornerstone of Hartman’s teaching.

Since graduating from the Cleveland Institute of Art with honors, Hartman has grown along with the design profession to seek understanding and empathy through research. Moving beyond the focus of creating artifacts, he has become obsessed with the creation of meaningful and exceptional user experiences, regardless of the medium.

Hartman lives in Chicago’s Edgewater community with his wife and two clones (sons). They look just like him. Really.


MS, Product Development, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland, OH

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