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MBA + MSDI = Whole-Brain Innovation

The MMM Program develops whole-brain innovators with a holistic approach that strikes a balance between the analytical and intuitive. MMM is the first dual-degree program of its kind, providing students with the distinct advantage of enrolling in the Kellogg School of Management and the McCormick School of Engineering to gain complementary skill sets in both strategic leadership and design innovation.

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Earn two degrees

MMM is a dual-degree program that ensures students receive a rigorous business education integrated with the human-centered methodologies of design innovation. Graduates receive an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management and an MS in design innovation from the McCormick School of Engineering.

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Innovate in Your Career

Our graduates see and tackle problems differently, which prepares them for careers across industries that drive impact through innovation of products, services, and experiences.

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Think Strategically

Design innovation creates new value using design-centric tools and frameworks such as empathy, visualization, prototyping, and iteration. This process of creative thinking and doing is a strategic complement to the analytical approach traditionally taught in business management.

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Who hires MMM graduates?

MMM graduates are in demand around the world thanks to their ability to develop desirable, feasible, and viable business solutions. When you join the MMM program, you benefit from the vast network of alumni from both Kellogg and McCormick.

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Chad KartchnerMMM ALUMNUS

Marketing and Product Manager at Honeywell Aerospace

Technology and design are transformative forces. MMM teaches leaders how to leverage technology and design to transform the world.


Senior Product Manager at GoPro

The intersection of social, mobile, marketing, and product is at a tipping point, and many are trying to find the perfect combination of the four to optimize their businesses. As a MMM, I am prepared to propose a recommendation.

Jennifer RobinsonMMM ALUMNUS

Senior Business Strategist at IA Collaborative

The MMM Program provided me with fluency in the languages of both design thinking and business, which allows me to guide my clients through an unfamiliar, ambiguous innovation process by grounding it in the business world they know. As more corporations seek to create design-led cultures, this fluency becomes increasingly valuable.


Product Marketing Manager at LinkedIn

The intellectual and creative curiosity of my friends in the MMM program continues to fuel my growth, both personally and professionally.


Senior Lead, Digital Analytics at Nike

I've enjoyed being at the intersection of creativity and analytics. The MMM Program helped me learn how to always frame a problem through both lenses, which is critical in my role now as a data analytics lead in a company built on powerful storytelling.

Matthew LevatichMMM ALUMNUS

President and CEO at Harley-Davidson Motor Company

My integrity is core to who I am and how I want to be, and it was reinforced, refined, and anchored in my 18 months in the MMM Program.


Senior Vice President and Chief Communications Officer at Audi of America

The MMM Program offered me the perfect balance of challenge, flexibility, and inspiration needed for me to reset my career trajectory in an entirely new direction.

MMM News

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Designing Solutions for Real-World Problems

Designing Solutions for Real-World Problems

MMM students collaborated with NorthShore University HealthSystem, McDonald’s, and Hormel Foods Corporation as part of the program’s capstone educational experience.

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VentureCat in 2017

MMM Students Compete in VentureCat

Five MMM students are getting a chance to hone their entrepreneurship skills while competing in VentureCat, an event celebrating Northwestern’s most promising student-founded startups.

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Dollars and Design Sense with Visa

Students in the MMM Program combined design thinking and business expertise in a collaborative initiative with Visa during the winter term as part of the Business Innovation Lab.

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Kathryn Bernell
Kathryn Bernell

Kathryn Bernell

MMM Student

Kathryn’s love of food and innovation have been a perfect match in the MMM Program: she created a new ecosystem to tackle food waste as part of a mock-pitch competition, a project that has since evolved into a startup she is working to bring to market.
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Elaine Chen
Elaine Chen

Elaine Chen

MMM Student

Elaine joined the MMM Program not only to strengthen her practical knowledge of how to manage existing products—a skillset she learned as a product manager at J.P. Morgan—but to be exposed to the creation and design of new innovations.
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Anil Divakaran
Anil Divakaran

Anil Divakaran

MMM Student

Anil joined MMM after completing his undergraduate degree at New York University because he was drawn to the program’s atypical MBA curriculum that emphasizes design and technology, which has taught him how to add value to organizations in new ways.
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Rene Peters
Rene Peters

Rene Peters

MMM Student

As a technical engineering manager at Procter & Gamble, Rene wanted to get closer to the decisions that change products. MMM has afforded him more experience in innovation, which he hopes to use to help people by developing social impact technologies.
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Drew Petersen
Drew Petersen

Drew Petersen

MMM Student

With a background in consulting, Drew has enjoyed the MMM Program’s ability to teach new ways to problem-solve, as well as build his tactical skills in creating visual designs, managing brainstorms, and working with diverse teams.
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Housed within the

Segal Design Institute

Our mission is to educate the next generation of synthetic thinkers and leaders — people who are able to move across domains and industries, identify convergences, and create impact through the lens of human-centered design. These thinkers are not generalists, but specialists of a different sort. They take a unified approach to solving problems, drawing on skills from engineering, social sciences, design, and management theory.
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