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DSGN 480: Business Innovation Lab


For MMM students only.

This experiential course is the culmination of MMM learnings applied in the context of a real-world business problem performed in collaboration with leading global organizations.  Students apply specific knowledge of design innovation together with general knowledge of business to address a problem of real-world importance to the corporate partner.  Students work in teams of four to six with the aid of a faculty advisor.  Project areas vary but many involve the introduction of a new product, service, or business venture.  The project requires travel to the company site and culminates in a final report and presentation for executives within the corporate partner organization.

Students complete Business Innovation Lab during the winter quarter of their second year. Under special circumstances, students may elect to take Business Innovation Lab in fall of their second year.


Open to MMM students only.

Quarter Offered


DSGN 480 Business Innovation Lab, Multiple Sections
InstructorsAmy Schwartz and Jim Wicks


DSGN 480 Business Innovation Lab, Multiple Sections
Instructor: Staff

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