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DSGN 384-1: Interdisciplinary Design Projects I


In the DSGN 384-1,2 course sequence, students work in teams on interdisciplinary projects in a learn-by-doing format. Each team works on one project across both quarters, for 20 weeks. The first quarter emphasizes project research, concept development, and professional communication, and it includes lectures on advanced topics in design. The quarter culminates in a conceptual design and a design review. The second quarter focuses on project implementation and continued professional communication.

The projects focus on the engineering side of design. While users are still a consideration, they are not the primary focus as in the Design Thinking and Communication (DTC) sequence. Students are expected to apply the discipline-specific knowledge from their upper-level courses.


DSGN 106: Design Thinking and Communication 
Enrollment is restricted to junior- and senior-level students. Instructor consent is required.

Quarter Offered


Meets Tuesday and Thursday 3:30-5:20 p.m. in Ford G.205
Instructors: John Anderson and Dan Brown


Meets Tuesday and Thursday 3:30-5:20 p.m. in Ford G.201/G.205
Instructors: Section 20 Stacy Benjamin and Barbara Shwom
Instructors: Section 21 John Anderson and John Lake

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