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DSGN 306-0 UX Design


How might we design user experiences which delight?  How do we uncover motives, desires and needs and translate those to effective interactions?  In DSGN 306, UX Design, students will apply the design innovation process to create compelling user experiences, both individually and as a team. Students will explore everything from screen-based experiences to interactions with physical products and environment design in this hands-on studio class.  Prior experience in team-based human-centered design is a pre-requisite for this course. If you have not had any prior experience in human-centered design, we strongly suggest that you take a foundational class first. This will be a rigorous and fast-paced course requiring you to produce prototypes and work in teams, and it will be a big asset to have engaged in the human-centered design process before.


DSGN 106-1,2 or DSGN 208, or Instructor consent.

Quarter Offered


DSGN 306-0 UX Design
Meets Thursday, 9:30am-12:30pm in The Garage
Instructors: Pam DanielsJason George

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