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PhD Research Projects

Areas of Research Focus

PhD Research Projects

Segal's research program advances our knowledge of design innovation and human-centered design. Explore some of the research being done to drive greater understanding of specific research concepts.

Connecting Adults to Blogging Platforms

Robin Brewer's team in the Inclusive Technology Lab is looking at how to increase access to online communication and enabling self-expression for people with limited computer access.

Breaking technical barriers for offline adults.

Our work helps us better understand how offline older adults can communicate online without using a computer. We developed a system that allows seniors to blog on Tumblr using a landline phone.

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Visualizations of Audio

A PhD student works with Collablab and Delta Lab to develop visualization of audio by applying a computational model.

Creating visualizations of audio for multitrack audio.

His work helps audio engineers more efficiently mix multitrack audio, but the concept of visualizing models of perception extends beyond this application, and beyond just sound.

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Understanding socio-technical systems

Julie Hui's research in the Delta Lab aims to understand how socio-technical systems impact innovators.

Surface Haptic Devices

A PhD student in the Neuroscience and Robotics Laboratory (NxR) designs, builds, and tests devices that provide haptic feedback on surfaces.

Touchscreen feedback.

We have built and distributed over 75 surface haptic devices to university and corporate researchers and designers and they have been used in competitions, workshops, classes, and publications.

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Audience Interaction

A PhD student's work aims to understand the intersection of audience interactivity and canonical cultural products.

Creating meaningful audience experiences by evoking elements of new digital media forms.

As a complementary experiment in critical making, Elizabeth is designing and building Something Wicked, a video game adaptation of William Shakespeare’s gory, witchy tragedy, Macbeth.

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