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Affiliated Labs

The following labs are affiliated with the Design Cluster.

Center for Connected Learning (CCL)

CCL is dedicated to the creative use of technology to deepen learning. Tools developed at the CCL have been used with a wide range of learners, ranging from young children to frontier level researchers in universities, businesses, and laboratories.

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Research programs at Collabolab span a number of areas from understanding how various forms of visual information influence our social interactions and developing dynamic visualizations of interaction patterns in online environments to building computational models that account for real-time contextual information to support interaction.

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Delta Lab

Delta Lab is an interdisciplinary research lab and design studio at Northwestern University. Our driving mission is to improve the way we design, work, learn, play, and fundamentally change the way we interact.

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Research at IDEAL involves issues such as simulation-based design under uncertainty, model validation, stochastic multiscale analysis and design of emerging materials systems), robust shape and topology optimization, multidisciplinary optimization, consumer choice modeling and enterprise driven decision-based design.

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Interactive Audio Lab

The Interactive Audio Lab does research in mixed-initiative interfaces (HCI), multi-cue audio source separation algorithms, and machine learning. The goal is to embody these advances in working systems for media production.

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NxR: The Neuroscience and Robotics Lab

The Neuroscience and Robotics Lab (NxR) is a collaboration among faculty and students in many of Northwestern’s engineering departments, as well as the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. Our research focuses on robotics, neuroscience, bio-inspired robotics, and robotics-inspired neuromechanics.

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NU Social Media Lab

The NU Social Media Lab studies how social media are used for work and play. We are interested in understanding both how social media are used today, and how technologies might be designed to better support people’s existing goals and enable them to do new things.

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Tidal Lab

Tidal Lab is a team of designers, artists, learning scientists, and computer scientist at Northwestern University. Our research creates and studies innovative technology-based learning experiences. We take a cautious but optimistic stance towards technology in a process that tightly couples research and design.

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Visual Thinking Lab

The Visual Thinking Lab explores how we group objects together, how we know whether one object is larger, brighter or farther to the right than another, how many objects we can process at once, and how we track them over space & time. Beyond their theoretical importance, these questions are vital to applications across education and broader information visualization.

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