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Program Schedule

Winter 2021 Program Schedule

The executive education program is typically offered in the Spring and Fall (usually March/April and October/November). The course curriculum and schedule is shown below and is subject to change.

Monday, February 1 - Wednesday, February 3

Introduction to Product Development
Understanding the Process; fuzzy front end; phase gate with structured criteria; supported by case studies.

Design Integrity 
Identifying authentic human behavior that illuminates unmet emotional needs requires an empathic approach to new product development. Ensuring both functional and emotional needs of your customers leads to more balanced design outcomes. 

Influence Strategies
Covers the theory and practice of influence in order to lead change. Emphasis on the neuroscience that underlies how people make choices and decisions. 

Project Management
Using a systems orientation, an overview of the field of Project Management is applied to technology-intensive product development projects.

Creativity and Innovation
Tools and techniques for enhancing creativity. Thinking out of the box, brainstorming optimization techniques.

Gap Analysis in the Design Process
New product development process, opportunity analysis, development for breakthrough products, ideation and concept selection, minimizing risks in product development.

Human Factors
Using human abilities and limitations as design guidance and constraints. Designing products that are easy to learn, efficient and satisfying to use, and easy to remember.

Understanding through Design
Understanding the value of design as a strategy. Analysis of products and why they were designed the way they were.

Management of Intellectual Property
Management of innovations and intellectual property, using value transition, value transference and value transportation.

Marketing Principles for NPD
Focuses on the integration of key marketing principles (e.g., segmentation, positioning, value proposition etc.) in each phase of the new product development stage-gate process.

Effective Software Development Processes
Avoiding requirement gaps, major under- estimates, deployment disasters, and maintenance nightmares with risk-based time-boxed test-driven development.

Retail Operations and Supply Chain 
Focus on supply chain issues looking at centralized and decentralized models. 

The Management of Product Innovation
Understanding and managing high leverage points of an innovative global development culture.  Foundational elements; portfolio planning and management; accessing the state of innovation and methods to make progress; people and projects; internal alignment of functions; tying metrics to strategy.



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