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DeYandre ThaxtonProject Coordinator


DeYandre is the Project Coordinator for the Segal Design Institute joining October 2017. She provides event management for large scale Segal events including design expo, homecoming, seminars, and graduation. The intention behind each event is to coordinate inspirational, engaging events that represent and attract the Segal community. DeYandre’s role keeps her eye on Segal facilities in order to foster a safe, beautiful and resourced environment that reflects the “create what’s next” energy in which Segal operates.

DeYandre also supports the Design Thinking & Communication (DTC) program, the required course for all first-year McCormick Engineering students. DTC students work on projects distilled from real-life problems, apply the design thinking process and provide project partners with working solutions. DeYandre manages DTC project sourcing as well as project partner relations. If interested in becoming a project partner you can learn more about the program here.

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