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Gaby Ruiz-Funes


Gaby Ruiz-Funes is a product designer and product manager. An engineer by training, and a product manager by accident, Gaby’s happy place is working with others to solve problems at the intersection of technology and design. She brings a unique perspective shaped by design thinking and operations to green-field problems in any industry. With this approach she has built a track record of building high-performing teams and user-centered products to help companies scale. 

Gaby leads a digital innovation team at Home Chef that creates customer-facing products to create transformational value for new and existing customers. Previously, she started Home Chef’s operations technology practice that helped the start-up scale volume by over 300% and transform into a $500MM rocket ship. Gaby led the vision and creation of a home-grown technology platform responsible for national distribution both direct-to-consumer and recently in 2600 retail locations after a 2018 acquisition by grocery giant, Kroger. 

Her career began at ITW as an industrial engineer, where she worked as a co-op throughout undergrad in innovation, welding and plastics manufacturing. After learning to code, she worked as a software engineer for Razorfish, a digital media agency, where she developed the vision of bringing the modern UX and user-centered design of Web 2.0 to operations tools that ultimately led her to Home Chef. 

Gaby sits on the Board of Directors of Prismatic Movement, a Chicago nonprofit dedicated to developing essential leadership and soft skills for teens to thrive in the real world. 


BS, Manufacturing and Design Engineering (MaDE), Northwestern University, Evanston, IL

BS, Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences (IEMS), Northwestern University, Evanston, IL

Professional and Teaching Interests

Design thinking, operations technology, women’s health technology, business design, product development, cultures of innovation, design strategy, organizational leadership, product and service design, designing digital platforms for physical products


Gaby delivers original keynotes and workshops on how individuals and businesses can legitimize, ellevate, and capitalize on feminine leadership qualities. Notable speaking engagements include:

Your Feminine Brand Is Your Superpower!
Chicago Women in Tech Conference

How I Learned To Own My Voice As A Woman In A Male-dominated Field
General Assembly’s Women in Tech breakfast

The Business Case For Cultivating Feminine Leadership Qualities
A Week with Northwestern: Northwestern Women on Strategies for Success 

Engineers Can Be Fashionable: The Power Of Femininity And Your Professional Brand
The Society of Women Engineers National Conference

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