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Julie HuiDesign Research Fellow Alumnus


Julie Hui is a PhD student studying mechanical engineering.

As a Design Cluster Fellow at Segal, Hui is currently working on a fellowship project called "Understanding and Supporting Social Networks for Creatives," through which she seeks to understand and support social networks for creatives. Her goal is to do this in the context of crowdfunding, in which creatives depend on their networks for raising funds to realize their work. Based on these findings, she will build a network visualization tool that allows creators to understand and leverage their social network when marketing their crowdfunding projects.

Inspired by work in social network analysis, sociology, and human-computer interaction (HCI), Hui will:

  • employ an interdisciplinary research approach to understand the crowdfunding community (phase 1)
  • collect and analyze crowdfunding network data (phase 2)
  • prototype a crowdfunding network support tool (phase 3)

This study will be the first to explore social network analysis in the crowdfunding setting.

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