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Ric EdinbergAdjunct Lecturer


Ric Edinberg is the Healthcare Innovation Global Practice Head and Managing Partner at INSITUM US.

Ric is a pragmatic dreamer who blends experiences in design planning and fine art. He holds a master's degree from the Institute of Design and a bachelor's degree in sculpture from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. 

His experiences have enabled him to integrate a variety of sensibilities to forge a pragmatic approach to developing tools and systems that people can relate to and use, and that also add economic value for his clients. As managing partner of the U.S. office for INSITUM, Ric has designed and led many successful domestic and international research and innovation projects spanning the globe in countries such as China, South Korea, Nigeria, Uganda, Cote D'ivoire, Turkey, Peru, Venezuela, and Mexico, to name a few. He currently teaches an undergraduate Service Design course through the Segal Design Institute at Northwestern.

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