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Gobi DasuDesign Research Fellow Alumnus


Gobi is a 2nd year PhD student in Computer Science advised by Prof. Haoqi Zhang and Prof. Nell O'Rourke. His research interests are in Engineer Training, the Future of Work, and ICT4D. Currently, there is a need to train enough engineers to meet 21st century demand, but MOOCs only go so far. Gobi is interested in problems in this space from both a research and practical perspective.

Specifically, he is working on the rale-rnd project, which is a sensemaking procedure and tool that will help novice programmers gain an architectural understanding of professional websites, and then use that understanding to build their own applications. Outside of the lab, he tries to apply HCI research lessons to Learning Dollars Talent, a platform he started that financially incentivizes engineers to learn new skills and then matches them with work opportunities. Gobi received his undergrad and masters in Computer Science from Stanford University.

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