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Drew PetersonJob before MMM: Consulting, Bain & Company

What has been your favorite moment in the MMM program?

My favorite moment within the MMM Program would be completing our project in Research-Design-Build (RDB). The class can be very challenging, but delivering a unique solution, which our group could not have foreseen from the outset, was very exciting.

How is the MMM program helping you reach your goals?

The MMM Program has already demonstrated new ways of approaching problems different from my previous experiences. Additionally, I have gained tactical skills in creating visual designs, managing brainstorms, and working with diverse teams.

What stands out about the MMM program?

Two items in particular stand out regarding the MMM Program: my classmates and the faculty. From day one, I have been deeply impressed at the caliber and diversity of the MMM students. Having the opportunity to meet, work with, and learn from these individuals is truly a great opportunity. Similarly, the faculty of the MMM Program are very dedicated and care very deeply about the learning and experience of each student.

What's on your bucket list?

I would like to scuba dive with a Great White Shark. Why is this a bucket list item? Because I’m a terrible swimmer and fairly fearful of sharks, but I feel like doing this would be a great accomplishment.
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