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Elaine ChenJob before MMM: Product Manager at J.P. Morgan

Why did you choose MMM?

The MMM Program was the ideal opportunity for me to combine my analytical background with my more creative interests. My past experiences provided me with practical working knowledge of how to manage existing products from a traditional businessperson’s mindset, which I was looking to not only strengthen but also complement with exposure to the creation and design of new innovations. The MMM curriculum offers the perfect balance of both worlds.

What does Design Innovation mean to you?

To me, design innovation centers around the creation of new ideas, products, and processes that add value to not just the business but also to the end user. As the world becomes more and more sophisticated, it is increasingly important for all companies to innovate thoughtfully and drive change with their end users in mind in order to stay competitive.  

What excites you most about the MMM program?

The crazy smart, crazy fun people I get to call my classmates. Everyone has such a unique and impressive background that it’s incredible to see the types of things we come up with when we’re all together – both inside and outside the classroom.

What are your hobbies outside of class?

Experimental cooking, painting, drawing, trying new restaurants, bargain shopping.

What's something on your bucket list?

Experience zero gravity.

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