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Co-lab Program

Are you a student looking for mentorship or professional experience? The Co-lab Program can connect you with Segal’s talented alumni to find the opportunities you're looking for.

What Co-lab has to offer


What our students have to say

“I can’t thank you enough for sharing all of these great career development opportunities!”

“I have been searching for mentorship for some time now.... The coffee chats were just what I needed!”

“This program really seems like it could be the start of something super valuable and success for Segal students...regardless of world circumstances.”

Before applying

  • Be open to diverse ways to learn from alums who are offering their time and expertise.
  • Consider personal projects that could benefit from a professional mentor.
  • Be responsive, thorough, and thoughtful with your communications. We’ll provide coaching on how  best to engage with alums in order to help you (and them) get the most out of the experience!

Attend a virtual info session

Info sessions are mandatory for participation in the co-labs program.

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Apply for the program

Are you a Segal alum looking to get involved?

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