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Julia PerscheDesign Research, Design Engineering, Healthcare


Julia loves to think and create outside the box and is motivated to better understand how and why the world works as it does. She believes the intersection of design and engineering provides the means to uncover connections, break down problems, and translate ideas into experiences, products, and solutions that help people. Through EDI, Julia hopes to expand on her technical skills and is excited to be surrounded by a cohort of designers who are equally as passionate about driving human centered innovation. 

Why EDI?

 In college, Julia found that human centered design helped her put other science and engineering courses into context, and provided her with an immersive framework to solve real-world, nonlinear problems. She believes that EDI is special because it offers the flexibility to choose on which skills and areas of the design process she would like to focus in her career.


B.S., Product Design Engineering, Stanford University

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