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Yoonjie ParkDesign Research, Service Design, Social Impact


Yoonjie is passionate about human-centred design and creating services and products that make a lasting social impact. Having studied both design engineering and psychology, she is interested in the design research process and enjoys interacting with users. Through the EDI program, she hopes to gain more experience in observing the world around her to find white spaces.

Why EDI?

Before becoming interested in human-centred design, Yoonjie studied journalism. She wanted to make a bigger impact on the lives of the people whose stories she told and decided to instead study design engineering instead. Having had a relatively engineering-heavy undergraduate education, she chose EDI in order to work on a wider range of projects to learn what kind of design she is most interested in.


BS, Manufacturing and Design Engineering, Northwestern University 



Her hobbies include doing escape rooms, and travelling.
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