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Kavya BhavarajuProduct Design, Consumer Products, Social Impact


Kavya cares deeply about creating solutions that will help people lead lives that are less stressful and more meaningful while also designing sustainable systems that stand the test of time. She believes in designing products is that adapt to the user instead of the other way around. Kavya possesses a strong drive to improve the world one design at a time. She hopes to change lives by bringing fresh perspectives to existing problems in order to develop solutions.

Why EDI?

Kavya first encountered the field of product design while she was pursuing her undergraduate degree and felt an instant connection to it. Combining her newfound interest with her love for psychology as well as her passion to change the world, she realized that she had found her calling in the field of human-centered design. She feels EDI will provide her with the structure of engineering and the fluidity of design that will allow her explore her full potential and create a positive impact.


BTech, Production Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirapalli


Industrial Design Intern, Axiom Consulting


Kavya is a passionate actor and theatre fanatic, and believes that her ability to immerse herself into the role of an end user makes her a more empathetic designer.

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