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DSGN 395: STEM Education and Practice

Quarter Offered

None : Mondays and Wednesdays 10-11:20am in Ford G.211 ; Mike Beltran


None. Admission by Instructor Consent


STEM Education & Practice will explore the development and delivery of a STEM lesson for a 4th-grade classroom in the Evanston Community, as part of a larger experience in the challenges of creating, delivering, and evaluating a formal educational lesson. During the quarter, students will prepare for delivering a lesson via lectures on topics such as evaluation and science standards, and then apply a human-centered design process to create a lesson which drives awareness, engagement, and interest in a specific field, via demonstrating how science and engineering is performed in the real world. This course lays the foundation for Northwestern graduates to take part in local community education in their future careers, as experts in their fields of study, and apply the Design Process to a non-traditional field.

Learn more about the instructor, Michael Beltran.

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