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DSGN 395-69: International Development by Design

Quarter Offered

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none. Enrollment by instructor consent.


Goal: In this course, we will design solutions to select international development challenges in Jamaica by applying design thinking to community capacity building.

Under-resourced countries are repeatedly provided with ineffective solutions to problems related to education, health and human services because the unique contexts of the target populations are not taken into consideration. Effective and sustainable solutions must evolve in tandem with and within the contexts of the problems.
In the spring quarter, we will work closely with our project partner to identify social problems related to inequities in STEM education and/or access to human services in an underserved community in Jamaica. Collaboratively, we will outline a design challenge; examine the cultural, socioeconomic, historical and sociopolitical contexts of the design challenge; and prototype solutions using resources only readily available or easily sourced in Jamaica. We will then travel to Jamaica to test, refine implement, and evaluate our designs alongside our project partner.

The course is open to all NU majors, enrollment is limited, and scholarships are available for eligible students. You may petition course credit for the Segal Design Certificate. Working on campus during the summer? You may still be able to enroll. Email with questions. Back to top