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DSGN 395: Forward Studio

Quarter Offered

None : Monday, 12:30-3:30pm 5wk 1 and 5wk 2; Ford Design Studio ; Pam Daniels and Elizabeth Lukehart


Prerequisite: Set up a meeting with the instructors and bring your prototype and as much detail as you have to the meeting. Class enrollment is limited to 5 projects, which should each involve at least two participants.


Forward Studio (DSGN395/ENTREP395)

Forward Studio is an experimental class focused on helping you take working prototypes developed in other classes substantially forward over the ten week term. What that looks like can vary by project and team.  If you designed a compelling concept but have no idea what to do next (or the quarter ended and you just stopped working on the project) and would love to see that idea become a reality, this might be the class for you! We will collaborate to help you make progress.  

Maybe you have a low-fidelity prototype and need to give more consideration to materials and finishes and get a photo-ready prototype ready for Kickstarting your project.  Maybe you came up with a great way to build community at Northwestern but need some help navigating the inner workings of campus to make your idea come to life. Or maybe you've got a new platform or app concept and want to figure out how to launch it.  We'll help you set a specific and achievable goal for the quarter, insist on progress every week, and help you navigate the unknowns. 

Projects can span service design, products, apps, and be commercial or public benefit in nature.  Not sure if this is the class for you?  Reach out to the instructors to see if it's a fit.  


Forward Studio is a brand-new class taught by Elizabeth Lukehart of the Farley Center and Pam Daniels of The Segal Design Institute.  We love making things real. Pam once brought a product from concept to product in just one week, and shipped it globally six weeks after that. Elizabeth has guided students through the launch of everything from a watch company to a bike-share program.

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