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DSGN 395-65: Visionary Design: What Will It Look Like?

Quarter Offered

None : TBD ;


Prior experience with art making or hands-on design fabrication strongly encouraged


When we demand radical change, we are often asked, “What will that look like?” It is a question that requires an answer liberated from language and located in vision. This class will seek to align artists and designers to collaborate on enunciating the sensual aspects of a forthcoming world that exists post-struggle, whether it is a world that is post-anthropocentrism, post-racism, post-colonialism, post-sexism, post-militarism,etc.

This course will combine methods from art and engineering to think about vision in new ways: how to make unseen worlds visible, how to achieve prototypical environments in which people can encounter the results of the shifts that so many imagine, and to articulate the intervention and collective action required to achieve these new worlds.

A way to think about this course is as a studio-supported independent study.  If you've got some bold thoughts about how the world could be better and different, and want to give form to those thoughts, this could be a great class for you! Back to top