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DSGN 395: Bay Area Service Design

Quarter Offered

Spring : Thursdays, 9am-12pm ; Pam Daniels


For Bay Area Immersion Program Participants

The service sector accounts for 80% of our US economy. We encounter services on a daily basis, across industries such as retail, travel, banking, and health-care. Even product-based organizations and offerings often have an important element of service that can be a driver of their success. While services dominate our everyday experience, many of them are in desperate need of redesigning and often complete rethinking. Organizations are waking up to this and increasingly seeing service design, not as a cost center, but as an opportunity for growth.

During our class together, we will explore the improvement of existing services and the creation of new services. We will address the challenges and opportunities when it comes to designing for services, by exploring the underlying principles, traditional methods and tools, and newer frontiers of what it means to deeply understand people’s needs, goals and aspirations, and to orchestrate a human-centered, responsive, and compelling service experience. This studio course will introduce you to the fundamentals of service design. You will practice individual techniques and how you might use the techniques throughout your design process.

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