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EDI Thesis Projects

Explore your passions, make an impact.

Put analytical skills and creative thinking to work

During the spring and second fall quarters in the program, students complete a thesis project of their choosing. This is a great opportunity to experience using classroom knowledge on a real project.

Examples of past projects:

Float product


Float allows for all of your favorite utensils to be stored above the work surface, freeing up valuable counter space and helping you find what you need quickly and easily.

What if kitchen utensils could be easily elevated above precious counter space?

An EDI student designed Float as their thesis project. Float allows for all of your favorite utensils to be stored above the work surface. It is currently being licensed and produced by Umbra.

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Photo of the Spotlight logo.


An online resource featuring strategies that college campuses can implement to raise awareness of life threatening food allergies.

There's hope for food-allergic students transitioning to college.

A team of EDI students collaborated with food allergy experts to develop a toolkit to help colleges better prepare for and support food-allergic students.

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medical dashboard

The Future of Primary Healthcare

A systemic and strategic solution for virtual health care.

The Internet of Things comes to healthcare.

On behalf of Northwestern Memorial HealthCare, a group of five EDI students tackled the the possibilities of virtual care with a forward-thinking solution rooted in human-centered design.

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NM Check mock-up

NM Check

A comprehensive virtual care system that brings healthcare to patients

Get the care you need without leaving your bed.

Four EDI students created a forward-thinking solution after Northwestern Medicine asked them to create a virtual care system that would increase the ability of its Primary Care Physicians to see more patients.

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the imprint sock


A device that helps prosthetists fit patients more comfortably and accurately.

Take the guesswork out of prosthetic fittings.

EDI students were challenged to use human-centered design to improve the prosthetic fitting process at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago.

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boost trekking pole


An energy-harvesting trekking pole designed for hikers and backpackers who bring their electronic devices into the backcountry

Charge your devices — even when you're off the grid.

An avid hiker, EDI graduate student Torey Kocsik wondered if she could passively power her electronic devices while walking in the backcountry.

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Tide Spin laundry bag

Tide Spin

An app-based service that outsources laundry to Tide's own dry-cleaning facilities

Hate doing laundry? There’s an app for that.

When Procter & Gamble decided to re-imagine laundry, it looked no further than the EDI program to see what its students could design to make laundry a less tedious task.

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