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DSGN 395: Engineering Education & Outreach


Engineering Education & Outreach will explore the dissemination of engineering topics, design thinking, and design methodologies to various age groups. In this course, students will take part in weekly seminars with the instructor, including lectures and discussion, covering the state of science education, cultural and socioeconomic factors affecting student learning, education theory, community partnership building, evaluation strategies, practical techniques for engaging and teaching youth, as well as design-education topics including design leadership, and evaluating the effectiveness of design education. Students will also participate in community based practicum with the Evanston Public School system, preparing and delivering engineering/science and design centric lessons to students and classroom educators.


None. Admission by Instructor Consent

Quarter Offered


DSGN 395 Special Topics: Engineering Education & Outreach
Meets Wednesdays 10am-12pm in the Ford Prototyping Lab
Instructor: Mike Beltran

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