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DSGN 245: Intro to 3D CAD: NX I (Lecture) 1/2 unit


DSGN 245 introduces non-mechanical engineering students to CAD-based 3D solid modeling as currently practiced in manufacturing and the CAD concepts common to most 3D design software tools, employing the same Siemens NC software widely used in the automotive and aerospace industries.

Mechanical engineering majors should take ME 240 instead, which has equivalent content.

Intro to 3D CAD: NX I is one of two possible prerequisites for DSGN 246. It will not count as an ME technical elective. DSGN 245 and DSGN 246 together equal one full unit of credit.

This course may not be repeated for credit.



Quarter Offered


DSGN 245 Intro to 3D CAD: NX I (Lecture) 1/2 unit
Meets Monday 6-9 pm in Tech L361 during the first five weeks of the quarter
Instructor: John Clauson

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